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The LIVING Room in Lakeland, FL is the site for hosting small private parties & meetings for up to 50 guests. Every event takes on a new energy at The Living Room. We bridge the gap for those that would rather not host meetings in a hotel environment or in their home yet desire an energizing inviting home style atmosphere.

The LIVING Room's purpose is to have a gathering place for people of like faith and to promote the gathering of ourselves together in the turbulent times we live in today. Enjoy the modern conveniences of free wifi, 50" flatscreen, applebox, ROKU, surround sound, books & all this in a relaxing/ rejuvenating atmosphere.

We make the room available for a donations to Harvest International Ministries (Harvest on Duff), which is a food pantry and has given groceries to over 11,000 people this year. So if you need a place for a PRIVATE dinner with your spouse, business meeting, small wedding, board game night out, or just a couple hours to read/study in a quiet place please reserve a spot.

For an event venue, contact us today! We are committed to serving our community by providing the perfect getaway venue that supports local family events, enterprising businesses and community organizations. We have been serving the community since 2005 and have been dedicated to excellent service, great prices and individual attention.

Event Venue

Thank you for your interest in The LIVING Room.

Our rates are $400 per day + $100 deposit which is returned if our room is left clean and in order.

Your rental begins at 7am until your event is finished.

The LIVING Room accommodates up to 50 guest comfortably.

Included is a coffee/tea buffet, 75” smart tv with Pandora & YouTube, wifi, 1-72” rectangle table, 1-48” rectangle table, 5-42”round tables, 3-36” square tables & 50 chairs.

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